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Excess sperm production

Redundancy—the excess of supply over necessity—has recently been proposed for human sperm cells. However, the apparent superfluity of cell numbers may be necessary in order to circumvent the hazards, many of which can be quantified, that can occur during the transition from gametogenesis within the testes to zygosis within the female reproductive tract. Sperm cell numbers are directly related to testicular volume, and it is owing to a redundancy, and the possible exaptation, of this latter parameter that a putative excess of sperm cells is perceived. Related to this parameter, however, is concern over the recent world-wide decline of sperm cell numbers and semen quality, a trend which also takes into account possible increases and decreases in these parameters due to circannual and seasonal variations, 8,9 particularly in temperate zones. The initial problem—that of the apparent redundancy of sperm numbers—reduces to the observation that the fertilization of one single egg liberated by the ovary of a female appears to require the deposition of an ejaculate from the male of many tens of millions of sperm cells. The timecourse of the arrival of other viable sperm at the location of the ovum in the female reproductive tract seems not to have been studied; nor, apparently, has effect of the volume of seminal fluid deposited been considered in the context of the rate of advancement of this sperm-bearing wave-front which eventually envelopes the ovum.
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What to know about sperm production

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9 things your guy is doing that are lowering his sperm count

Chris - This is a very good question; healthy testes make sperm at the rate of between and sperm cells per second. These collect in a long coil of tubes above and behind each testicle called the epididymis, where they are stored until needed. The testes hang external to the body within the scrotum to achieve an optimal temperature for sperm production. This is because sperm are made most efficiently at a slightly lower temperature than body temperature.
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By Julia Seidl May 25, Photo: Stocksy. According to a study by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, sperm counts among Western men have dropped more than 50 percent in the past 40 years.
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Hyperspermia is a condition in which a man produces a larger than normal volume of semen. Semen is the fluid a man ejaculates during orgasm. It contains sperm, along with fluid from the prostate gland. This condition is the opposite of hypospermia, which is when a man produces less semen than usual. Hyperspermia is relatively rare.
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